FEMEN ArrestedLeader of flasher activist group FEMEN and all the gals who took part in a bare-breasted pro-Ukraine anti-Putin protest last month have been arrested. They are now captive, cold and lawyer-less.

The nationalistic You Can’t Fuck Us! protest took place on October 28th. Shortly after, cops attempted to grab the girls off the street to arrest them, but they wouldn’t budge (see video). According to FEMEN’s blog, leader Anna Gutsol appeared in court shortly after, defending the protest as a legal act of civil disobedience and calling out the cops for harassing her FEMENistas. She won on both counts. Still, since then, the be-grudged police force has been stalking the girls, demanding addresses and information and hounding them around Kiev until the girls had no choice but to appear at the police station today.

They decided to publicly surrender and make an action out of it, why not. The topless, sequin-pantied and furious¬†Take Me! was interrupted in a fracas of rude cop hands, side-swept flower wreaths and bare-breasted rage. The girls were hauled off immediately¬†into vans and are now detained, aren’t allowed to talk to their lawyer and deliberately denied warm clothing.

It should be noted that though paying fines is half their budget, the group tries to operate within the law and, as Gutsol point out, it is precisely this kind of police overreaction that provokes FEMEN’s protests. The saga continues.

Photos NSFW for arresting nipples.

UPDATE: And they’re out. Some of them.

Images: FEMEN LiveJournal