FEMENTwo topless protestors of FEMEN were released from a day stint in a Kiev clink, where they say cops repeatedly propositioned and threatened to hang them. See the video of the “Take Me!” surrender action preparations, squeal-filled grope-fest arrest and triumphant release.

The temperature was in the 50s. The usual crowd of journalists was met by an equal swarm of police “necessary” to contain the gals. Yes, it was a circus. We can sit here all day dissecting their methods and philosophizing their motives, but one thing is clear: the FEMENistas have become a serious annoyance to the city authorities and the confrontations will continue, publicly and virally, albeit similarly.

Meanwhile, their ginger-bobbed leader Anna Glutsol continues to take on politicians and demagogues on radio and TV talk shows. Here she is standing up for rural-dwelling, politically under-represented Ukrainians.

So, what’s next for FEMEN? Will they get bogged down with this personal scuffle with police, or will they point their weaponry on a more pressing wrongdoing? Will they mix it up already?