‘Feminisnt’ Sex Worker Molests TSA Back

11.22.10 Marina Galperina

batmanxxx“Instead of being scared and humiliated like the TSA wants me to be, I’m going to enjoy this experience as best I can” says ethical slut Feminisnt/Furry Girl as she strips down to a sheer cami ‘n’ panties for the Seatle TSA’s grope-down — nips, crack and pubes out and all.

She’s a post-sex-positive, post-feminist pornographer, sex worker and sex blogger, but don’t expect pr0n in this 12-min video. Post intro and strip-down, it’s mostly an airport field recording set to shaky ceiling footage.

Furry Girl just wants “to be transparent to TSA” so they can clearly see if she’s “concealing any errant Al Qaeda operatives in the folds of my labia.” She also planned to moan and fake orgasm during the TSA pat-down-and-in-and-under, as inspired by her imprisoned activist friend who made being strip-searched in jail into a similarly enthusiastic, absurdist performance.

The TSA makes her put her break their rules and put her jacket on, by the way. And who knows what will happen when she gets home from Sri Lanka for her hilarious role-reversal stunt…

You can read Furry Girl’s words about it here, since her site crashed.