Harmony Korine, Act Da Fool
Harmony Korine – avant garde filmmaker and/or irritating dick – is releasing a short film Act Da Fool for the fancy fashion line Proenza Schouler in September. They wanted New York, “youth and prep school—and kids rebelling against it.” He gave them kids from Nashville. See the first photos from the project below.

Korine shot “hazy 8mm vignettes” in a day and a half and judging by this interview, he knew that the result would “make people uncomfortable.” Seems like Proenza Schouler wanted Gossip Girl with street cred. Korine, with help from collab buddy Christopher Wool shot girls who “skulk around schoolyards, spray graffiti,” “sleep in abandoned cars and set things on fire.”

If it’s a bit exploitative, it’s exploiting what the white-washed, artificial fashion industry wouldn’t normally display. Now buy these high end pants sprawled over a broken-down car.

See the designers fumble for praise:

We gave him all these influences and he came back with this Nashville film. We were like, “Awesome!” We were thinking more of New York kids, school kids. It opened our eyes to a new angle of the collection that we’d not really thought about.