“I like clean butts, and I can not lie…” Lynchburg, Virginia’s C.B. Fleet, Inc., the leader in the $30 million at-home disposable colonics market, has just launched a new laxative-free product with this ass metaphor print campaign. The ads will run in Out magazine, as well as on popular gay and lesbian websites, according to Portfolio.com. Said gay marketing expert Mike Wilke about the launch:

“They’re bringing a new SKU onto the shelf in their product category by having something that’s distinct in the marketplace,” Wilke said. It may be hard to grow the market but they can steal a share from another aspect of the category. The market can also be people who are using showerheads.”

Fleet conducted a poll through Harris International that found that 80 percent of the general population said they used an enema for “health and well-being” while 87 percent of gay and bisexual men said they did so as a precursor to “anal intimacy.” No word on whether this including a post-felching sub-category. Frankly, these ads are tired and expected. I would have like to have seen a rusty sheriff’s badge or at least a starfish execution. These visual euphemisms represent your gay grandfather’s ass nicknames. Campaign by Euro RSCG. Thanks to Woody Hinkle for the tip.