Fly53 Ad Ban Increases Streetwear Company’s Media Exposure Exponentially

01.27.10 Copyranter


I’m old, so I’ve never heard of Fly53 (tagline: Outfitters for the resistance). But judging by how many of their ads I’ve I’ve seen (none), my guess is their marketing budget is not much more than 53 bucks. I don’t read music mag NME (circulation down 43% since 2003, according to Wikipedia) where the brand happened to place this ad featuring a be-tatted fellow about to blow the head off another guy. England’s fast-on-the-trigger ASA killed the ad after receiving ONE (1) complaint. How much you wanna bet the complainant was a FLY53 employee?

Anyway, a spokesperson for the brand defended the ad’s visual as “cartoon-like.” Now THAT’S funny. Fly53’s website features a “house party” where you’ll find another gun image—this one a pump-action shotgun in the hands of a nerdy-looking youngster. The accompanying video features boobies and orgies and other cool, edgy motherfuckin’ stuff. So: go buy your clothes pieces de resistance, rebels. |Image via: The Guardian|