You gotta hand it to the producers at Fox5. What you or I might see as a simple high school fight, is much much more to them. This morning on Good Day New York, clinical psychologist and “childcare expert” Dr. Jeff Gardere was brought in to discuss a relatively uneventful fight and was “shocked” by the footage.

Watch him pontificate how young people are taught to resolve their differences without violence nowadays. Ha. Has this guy ever turned on the internet?

He also said the spectators are basically pure evil, telling host Greg Kelley: “That kids could be so sadistic. Not just towards one another, but more shocking to me, the kids standing around egging them on and putting them on YouTube.” Right, where Fox can then play it over and over—it’s already been pulled from the site. But Greg Kelly wasn’t having it. He told the good doctor to stop blowing things out of proportion, that’s the network’s job: “I guess it seems more shocking when we put it on TV, it’s compelling video.”

However, Dr. Gardere refused to back down from his position and although he admitted that’s it’s not a “Columbine,” he maintained that it was “posted on You Tube” and “one of these kids could have been killed.”