Now that he’s out from under the giant fail-rock that is NBC, the rampant speculation within the TV industry shifts from “what will Conan say tonight?” to “where will Conan end up?” Conventional wisdom says he’ll end up at Fox, and they’re wasting little time going after him.

Reports the New York Post:

Indications are that Fox execs began quizzing local affiliates last week to see if time at 11 p.m. — now reserved mostly for reruns of comedies — can be cleared.

“If they don’t jump now, they’ll have to wait another five years for another opportunity like this to come along,” says the source.

Offers from cable TV channels and TV syndication are also expected to come in this week, sources close to Conan said.

At the center of talks with Fox will be whether Conan, like David Letterman, will be allowed to own his show — or split ownership with Fox.

“One things for sure,” says a Conan source. “He won’t do anything that is not a high-quality show.”