French Connection Presents: The Man

02.10.10 Copyranter


If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably noticed that several commercials focused on the heretofore Castrated Man getting his balls back. It was kind of an eruption of the metrosexual backlash that’s been simmering for a few years now.

French Connection, who’ve mostly dropped their childish FCUK moniker, wants to put their fey fashions on this new ballsy man. So, they’ve launched some videos featuring a heavily bearded French asshole.

Shot in black & white in an attempt to make the clothing look rougher, the hilariously doofy videos feature a French-accented narrator talking about/to The Man.

“This is…The Man. Strong. Virile. A brute…an intact bull, but a man…He wears not slogans. He wears not sequins…he knows not what sequins…is.”

Look at how pissed he gets at the non-working lift. Look at how pissed he gets waiting in vain at the coat check counter. GRRR—the testostometer is red-lining! In the video below, the narrator interviews The Man about colors. He is annoyed, but agrees that a black shirt with black trousers is pretentious. When he is asked about lilac, The Man abruptly walks out on the narrator, thus cementing his place as a French hero to real men the world over. I’m off to the FC store on West Broadway!

|Videos via: Homotography|