Fuse Gallery Group Show: Horse Massacre, Arctic Blood, More

06.24.10 Marina Galperina

Alyssa Monks - Lost

Just opened: Fuse Gallery‘s new group show, “Remnants.” Highlights: water-battling portraiture of Alyssa Monks, a microscopic nude by Alex Kanevsky (those were his paintings in Synecdoche) and Bonnie DeWitt’s forest massacre that seems to recall Henry Darger.

Also: pastoral horrors and glassed fly wings. The grouped works’ subject and technique are themed around “serenity… in the wake of destruction, gradual disintegration, natural decay and residual experience.”

From the gallery nicely tucked in the back of Lit Lounge, preview some of the work below.

“Remnants,” Group Show, Jun 23 – Jul 3, Fuse Gallery, NYC