Future Alcoholic UK Kids Cute As The Dickens!

01.15.10 Copyranter


Oh what wonderful casting! The British boys and girls in this underage drinking commercial for England’s Department of Children, Schools and Families made my balls shrivel and I’m starting to grow fallopian tubes. Is it an effective spot? Eh. It might urge a few negligent Mums or Dads to give a brief shit about his/her kid’s life.

The commercial, tagged “Why Let Drink Decide,” is aimed at parents to talk to their charges about alcohol before “alcohol starts making decisions for them.” This anthropomorphizing of booze is tedious and irresponsible—the fucking hooch doesn’t leap from bottles into young teens mouths. But, those kids are soo adorable. And I hate kids! I want to grab that boy brushing his teeth in the robe with trucks on it and take him back to 1977 and get pissed at a Sex Pistols show. |Video: Brand Republic|