Welcome to “NYC High,” a daily feature with an Election Day expiration date by pop culture illustrator and political writer Lauri Apple. Every day from now until November 2nd, a new member of the City Council will be introduced to help foster interest in local politics via sketchy art.

Apple says they’re all drawn in prom attire “because politics is kind of like high school, with factions and gossip and people always trying to hold on to or increase their popularity.” Can you think of a better way to learn about the people responsible for regulating your lives like hall monitors?

Currently working as an assistant editor at the Chicago Reader and a contributing writer and picture-maker for Wonkette, she co-organized a similar project in Chi-Town, with 50 Chicago artists creating portraits of Chicago’s 50 aldermen, it was a big success.

In the meantime, only 45 more to go Lauri, godspeed!