Dutch artist Ap Verheggen and his team erected the abstract “Dog Sled Riders” sculpture on a Greenland iceberg in March. The iceberg has just broken loose and is being tracked as it floats off to its eventual melty death. Vergheggen hopes the project will demonstrate that “Climate change = culture change.”

The climate change in Uummannaq (arctic city made famous for dog sled racing) is harsh in its effect on the Inuit way of life. The parent glacier of Vergeggen’s iceberg would usually be swarmed with riders and fishermen, but not anymore as Greenland’s ice bodies slowly ebb to treacherous slush.

The sculpture-carrying iceberg broke lose last Sunday and after turning back around to it’s parent glacier, it drifted off yesterday. The artist left to visit the iceberg today. Meanwhile, you can track the iceberg’s journey in photos, videos and via GPS at cool(e)motion.  |ArtDaily|