Grandma, Before You Kick The Air Could You Knit Us Another Afghan?

02.08.10 Copyranter

?????? ??????? Suicide is hilarious! Even funnier: Olds killing themselves. Here, we have an ad for an Israeli community for the elderly that’s part of non-profit organization Adam Le’Adam, a group which “initiates and develops projects in Israel and developing countries…around the world” according to their LinkedIn page. Surely someone in grammy’s knitting klatch will raise a red flag about here latest project. Interesting stat (click ad)—wonder where it came from and if it’s true? According to suicide.org, the elderly suicide rate in America has dropped drastically and steadily since 1950. One thing’s for sure: that’s a really comfy noose. Mum-mum’s neck will be scratch-free and warm as she swings. Ad by Draft FCB in Tel Aviv. Previously: cutsey cursor imagery employed to end suicide. |image via: IBIA|