Greenpeace Invites You To Redesign bp’s Logo

05.20.10 Copyranter

GreenpeaceBP Jerked off to by graphic designers the world over since its introduction in 2000, British (sorry, “Beyond”) Petroleum’s sparkling pretty trademark symbol is a bit misleading, what with all that green and yellow seeming to posit that they’re actually a sunflower-friendly solar energy company. Well Greenpeace UK, in response to the Gulf oil “spill,” placed this ad in today’s Guardian inviting the public to break out their color pencils. For you digital-savvy folk, you can also enter online here. (here’s the entries so far). The competition runs until June 28th. That Tony Hayward quote from last May is a gem. Jump for a video of Greenpeace activists rebranding bp’s London headquarters with a new flag and logo.

|video: Greenpeace UK . ad via: twitpic |