Mark Eadicicco has made a YouTube warning the public about so-called high priestesses who are charging “large amounts of money” to teach lessons based on info they’ve misappropriated from his classes and videos. Apparently witchery can be lucrative!

Schooled in the Cabot tradition, Eadicicco owns the store Practical Magick (“the witch shoppe of Staten Island,” est. 2005), and claims to be the isle’s only certified witch/shoppe-owner. His courses cover aura-reading, casting magick circles and spells, and other tools of the trade. He’ll have you know that it ain’t no junky diploma mill he’s running: Just because you take classes doesn’t mean you graduate from witch school. Integrity is a must: “If a student of any level … goes against coven or circle, it’s immediate dismissal, no questions asked,” he warns. And if you take the secrets divulged in witch class and share them with people outside the school, it’s betrayal plain and simple–and your ass is outta there.

Is it me, or is it kind of weird to hear a witch talk with a thick NY accent? Especially a man-witch. In the storybooks I read as a youth, the witches were always women who had long hair and long dresses. Sometimes they rode brooms or ran for the U.S. Senate in Delaware.