Is the in-crowd getting shadier? A few of the 1800 guests at last Thursday’s Fashion Week after-party took off with thousands of dollars worth of Keith Haring tribute art. Featuring and autographed by the late artist’s celebrity buddies including the non-Lindsey-trainwreck-riding Ronson, the stolen prints were due at a Tokyo exhibit. Not any more.

Unfortunate party producer Sandra Shafer estimates “the theft” to have taken place around 2-2:30 am and is bewildered at how 24 murals and photographs valued at least $3,000 each were lifted off the walls and carried out of Hudson Hotel’s basement event space Good Units unnoticed — some were up to 6 feet wide. Someone is getting fired.

Shafer blames the lack of security cameras at the Hudson and not her own confusing event playtime activity that allowed guest to graffiti up the prints and their surrounding walls. The lesson here is that when talking to a sea of glitter-festooned drunks, be very clear — “free space” could just sound like “free” as heard over that stale MGMT dance track and the wheee-whooo-whoah I’m at a classy party, you guyses, yeeey!!! |NYP|