Harmony Korine and Die Antwoord to Do “Damage” Together

Now that the theatrical South African viral hit-gone-hype rave-rap crew Die Antwoord is collab-ing it up Siege, Diplo and the Guggenheim, they’re doing it big. And people don’t believe you that you discovered them years ago on some random Dutch girl’s Tumblr. Next up: appearances in Harmony Korine’s short film.

It’s called Wat Kyk Jy which means “watcha lookin’ at?” and is tattooed on Ninja’s penis. It’s “gonna be some really messed up” and do “some serious damage,” apparently.

This will be Korine’s third creative attempt since Netflix banned Trash Humpers for obscenity, the exploitation “fashion film” Act Da Fool upset people and something called Twinkle Twinkle wherein Marlon Wayans plays a hit man dressed as a dollar bill went under the radar. Gotta feed the baby momma.