Hate-Free Fridays: Nike Football

05.21.10 Copyranter


I’m not a joiner. I wanted to so hate this epic three-minute Nike World Cup spot—which will air in 32 countries—much like I hated their overwrought “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier” Beijing Olympics spot. But fuck if this isn’t one of the most entertaining sports commercials ever.

If you don’t know soccer, you won’t recognize many of these athletes, but the rest of the world will. England’s talented asshole Wayne Rooney is the centerpiece of the spot. A couple of American players, Landon Donovan and goalie Tim Howard make appearances; the rest of the world will find THAT to be laughable. (The US’s best player, Clint Dempsey, should have been included.) Look for the Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant cameos. The Homer/Ronal-D’oh! confrontation is funny. The production budget for this thing was probably more than our agency makes in a year. By Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.