The Hello Kitty Artpocalypse

11.02.10 Marina Galperina

ERIC JOYNERSanrio’s Hello Kitty has had her likeness on everything from wine to vibrators to assualt riffles. (Guess which are authorized.) And now, in celebration of Sanrio’s half-a-century-long reign, Hello Kitty is fine art. Check out the pop pussy tended by Eric Joyner’s robots, slathered in pink goo by Buff Monster, dissolved into sea life by Kozydan and her birdie buddy done up dark Victorian-style by Travis Louie below.

The celebratory, traveling pop-up extravaganza Small Gift will invade Los Angeles and Miami (at Art Basel) with carnivals, events and all sort of kawaii madness. It will feature Hello Kitty interpretations and installation rooms from 50 artists including Audrey Kawasaki, Gary Baseman and Natalia Fabia and more. You cannot escape.

“Small Gift: Los Angeles,” group show, Nov 12 – Nov 21, Barker Hangar, Santa Monica