Built by Affinity Cycles with custom graphics by Japanese artist Kenzo Minami, behold the “Digitzer” track bike project curated by Cinecycle. Currently on display at Wired’s NYC store, only 20 of them are being produced. They’re selling for $5,000 a pop via Affinity and come with some badass components and a “limited” Cinecycle DVD. It looks even better in motion.

Bonus video which we’re told, was created with the utmost care so as to not dare scratch this masterpiece.

BTW, in case you were wondering what inspired Kenzo to come up with this particular design, here’s his explanation from the official press release:

Within the chaos of visual information found on city streets it is important that the design allows the bicycle to stand out and be recognized by both pedestrians and cars alike. The colors and patterns on the bicycle were carefully conceived and laid out with the understanding that they will not only be seen when the frame and wheels are static but more importantly how they will be transformed when the bicycle is in motion.