HITNorwegian-Danish artist Nina Maria Kleivan has just caused an internet shudder with ‘Potency’ the photo exhibit featuring her baby daughter dressed as various bad guys of history. Hitler Baby stole the controversy spotlight.  No one is afraid of Baby Stalin.

Baby Faustina is now 11 years old, but her difficult birth caused her mother months of medical complications and pain. Confined to her home, Kleivan started sewing little costumes for her little tyrant.

Kleivan jokes, “Even my daughter could end up ruling Denmark with an iron fist. The possibility is still there.” But what is explained by the arty mum as commentary on the ignored evils of the world seems like a slightly-disturbed but creative way to vent as well.

As demonstrated via baby attire and the re-blogging patterns of this story, as far as Evil is concerned: Hitler > Stalin > everybody else. |AOL|