Hitler Finally Invades England

04.30.10 Copyranter


Hitler imagery sure is hot in advertising these days. Hitlertising has been used to warn against cigarette smoking, promote World AIDS Day, and sell condoms and…tea. And now, der Führer is the star of a poster and video campaign to warn Brits against the erosion of civil liberties in the UK, home of the most invasive government CCTV surveillance program in the world.

The work, timed to coincide with the general election next Thursday, is by the Creative Orchestra for Citizen Control TV. Creative Review thinks the imagery is insensitive, but most of their commenters disagree. Well, “1984” was set in London. What do you think? Appropriate or overkill? Strictly from an ad critique POV, I like the camera-as-moustache graphic, but I’m getting tired of all the Adolf ads.

|Images/video: Creative Review|