His house was literally stuffed with drugs. Yet yesterday, Christopher Graham, the step-son of a UK lottery winner, told the court that he’s no supplier. See, he’s a hoarder. He only deals in blotter art.

The Dad gave both Graham and his sister Wendy $1.6 million each. In a continuous fit of obsessive, uncontrolable need to collect things, Graham started ordering crates of comic books, hot chilli sauces and green tea from China. And lots of blotter art. His usual dealers caught wind and the courtship began. Graham couldn’t resist a good deal. And another deal. And another deal. Pretty soon, his weed, LSD, ecstasy, diazepam and ketamine pile up didn’t fit into his four-bedroom house and he got a visit from the cops. The self-identified hoarder will be sentenced later this week.

And his sister Wendy blew all of her money on whores. And that’s what happens.

For the best ever video on hoarding, check out the art-doc short POSSESSED: