Holiday Recipes: Zeitgeist Nog

12.03.10 Lauri Apple

Not even a full week after Whipahol Fever hit America, we hear about yet another new trend: nutmeg abuse (which is actually old, but whatever). Mmm, nutmeg. Not even disgusting! So I put on my mixologist hat and came up with a recipe!


One can of Four Loko (after December 13, substitute with one bottle of your favorite relaxation
drink plus four ounces of Everclear)
One cup of crushed ice
1/4 cup of broken dreams
One tablespoon of vitriol
One can of whipahol (any flavor)
Copious amounts of nutmeg
Paper Santa to garnish

Pour the ice, Four Loko (or relaxation drink+Everclear solution), broken dreams and vitriol in a blender and hit “puree.” Let it go for about 30 seconds. Then pour the mixture into your favorite mug. Squirt some whipahol (Whipped Lightning’s Caramel Pecan has a holiday essence) on top, then dump the nutmeg onto the whipahol mountain. The nutmeg should completely cover the whipahol and be about one or two inches deep.

Add the festive Santa doodad and serve to dinner guests. Give them a napkin or bib so they can snort the nutmeg off the top of their beverage without getting it all over their clothes. The nutmeg might cause sneezing, so make sure to keep a box of tissues handy (decorating tip: a box of tissues makes for a lovely dinner table centerpiece).

Next week we’ll update you on all of the teenage substance abuse trends that took off then fizzled over the weekend, like smoking banana peels and popping bouillon cubes. (Image: via Four Loko infographic)