TMZ spotted Howard Stern sidekick JD on his date with Ashley Dupre. After countless voicemails and courting attempts, she finally agreed and he flew out to LA to meet her. He was given $5000 by Howard to spend it however he wanted. Dupre really is reformed, back when she was servicing Spitzer, that would have barely covered an hour.

Unfortunately, the Howard Stern Show is on vacation this week, so don’t expect any details. Related: In her New York Post column on Sunday, she had this to say about John Mayer:

OK, first let me say how much of a douchebag I think John Mayer is. (Am I allowed to say douchebag in The Post? Because that is the perfect word to describe him — so I’m using it! Oh, and any man who thinks John Mayer is the man, well, you’re a douchebag, too. So there.)