Andrew Cuomo sucks. His recent comments about medical weed show he’s just another thoroughly ingrained politician who will offer no new ideas or take any kind of bold leadership role for the state and that’s too bad, cause New York could use some right now.

When asked if he’d support a cannabis program similar to California’s, the play it safe candidate for governor offered up a tired excuse in opposition.

The dangers of medical marijuana outweigh the benefits.

In what way and to who exactly Andy? The chronically ill MS sufferers wriggling in pain or the cancer patients who rely on it to give them an appetite during chemotherapy sessions?

There’s been numerous reports detailing the many benefits medical weed provides for a variety of ailments. Even New Jersey admits its upsides and Carl Paladino at least wants to put it up for referendum, since voters are the only ones with enough balls to pass the measure.

Yet, Cuomo said he’s “against” it, despite the blaringly obvious advantages it provides both medicinally and economically. And that just makes my blood boil, because as much as I don’t want to vote for him, I have no choice. Crazy Carl is unfit for any office and in no way competent enough to be governor. So congratulations asshole, you’ve got my vote, begrudgingly. Here’s to four years of mediocrity.