badrepThere seems to be a major issue with me doing anything but scamming people out of their money these days. Try to do something with your life, and you get lambasted with negative comments about, well, everything. Want to fuck on camera? People complain. Want to write for a website or magazine? People complain. Want to work for a charity, saving AIDS babies from global warming? People complain.

The point is, after you fuck up, there is little you can do to rectify yourself. Everyone will always see you as what you were; which in my case is “The Hipster Grifter.”

Anytime you veer from that path, people will have something to say. If you do try to do good, people will chime in, saying that you don’t care about such and such cause, and that you’re just doing it for the publicity. If you don’t try to do anything and wish to remain in the low-light, people will get on you for not making a difference, and not using your notoriety for positive things. It’s a lose-lose situation, and it pretty much sucks like a senator (R) in the little boy’s room.

I recognize that I made huge mistakes, and this is what I get; made my bed, now I have to fuck in it. Everyone has to deal with the subsequent consequences of their decisions, and I understand that completely. I’m not trying to skirt my “fate,” but it gets pretty obnoxious, knowing that even though you are sorry and regret what you did, no one will ever believe you.

So, to all of you who have an issue with me: Thank you. I don’t think that you realize that the more you hate on me, the more publicity I get, and the closer I come to getting paid real money for doing close to nothing at all. Keep it up.

Oh, and I’m paying a visit to good ol’ Gawker this afternoon, to do a live Q&A. Come and talk shit! Check in with them for details.