If You’ve Ever Wanted To See An English School Girl’s Head Slammed Against A Desk Here You Go

02.16.10 Copyranter


How bout a bit of shockvertising to jolt you out of your three-day weekend chocolate cuddle fest? “Every minute, another young person is trafficked into sexual exploitation,” claims this new spot for startfreedom.org. It is quite graphic.

Ad agencies, out of guilt, always jump at the chance to do pro bono social cause work, and human trafficking awareness has been particularly popular. Last spring, Serviceplan in Munich stuffed a real woman in a clear suitcase and placed her on airport luggage conveyor belts for Amnesty International.

My problem with that cute guerrilla effort and also this gripping video is that I honestly don’t understand what purpose they serve other than to win the agency/directors awards; human trafficking continues to rise sharply every year. One note with this spot: the unspoken “People shouldn’t be bought and sold” strap line is eye-roll overkill. The video is currently only running in cinemas—I’m assuming before R-rated films and not before showings of Chance of Meatballs. Video via Campaign Live UK, where you can view a second spot featuring a boy being kicked and dragged away from the dinner table.