Ignore Amnesty International And You’re A Jerkie Jerk

05.19.10 Copyranter

Amnesty International "Ignore" ads

Resorting to a snitty stuck-up strategy, Amnesty International in New Zealand sez “Ignore us, ignore human rights.” You have to say it in a very whiny voice to get the tone right. From the campaign press note:

So many of us haven’t signed up to be members of Amnesty and by ignoring our membership calls and street collectors we are in turn ignoring serious human rights issues.

Do you ignore their street collectors? I don’t; I stare them in the eye and say “get out of my way.” (for the record, I’ve signed up and given to AI, so shut-up). But then, I say that to all street canvassers because MY STREET TIME IS MY OWN TIME. Anyway, some decent retouching work on these preachy ads by Colenso BBDO. The scenes—a beating, an execution, and a rebel killing—are appropriately brutal. Showing violence in unexpected settings is a popular ad theme for AI lately. |Images: IBIA|