For all anyone knows, the entirety of Eastern Asia is one borderless continent comprised of fake bags, lead based toys, and cheap labor. It’s a fairly often occurrence that someone thinks that I’m Asian, I’m not. Being mistaken for a Japanese, Chinese, or even Thai person happens, but never have I been confused with a Mexican. Thank God. That means that I’ve been fortunate enough to have never met someone as retarded as Senate-wannabe from Nevada, Sharron Angle.

Earlier last week, she called out a bunch of Hispanic students for being Asian.

Sharron is really good at spouting shit out before thinking about exactly what she’s saying, a disease that all Tea Party candidates seem to be afflicted with.

Earlier this year she claimed that she would advise an imaginary 13-year-old who was knocked up by her papa to keep the child. Her convincing argument came to a close when she expressed that you can, indeed, turn “a lemon situation into lemonade.” Angle has also pulled out her vag numerous times, in hopes of making people give a fuck about what she’s saying.

The only things that are surprising about her making the Asian-Hispanic comment that she did, is that it didn’t happen sooner, and that it was made before the Rancho High School’s Hispanic Union. Doesn’t she know that once you anger a Mexican they’ll sic their whole familia on you?

There is also some controversy over the videos that are beginning to surface, as the person recording is told to stop throughout her “speech.” You can hear someone say, “We can’t have you recording this right now, we’re going to make an announcement in a second,” but living up to their reputation, the Hispanics didn’t listen.

To get back to the point, Angle decides that it would be a good idea to state that the three ready-to-make-a-burrito-out-of-your-body looking dudes in her campaign video don’t necessarily have to be Latino, as she doesn’t see race. As far as she knows, they—and everyone in the room—could be Asian.

Good on you, likely-to-be-Senator Angle. You’re teaching our children that race and stereotypes don’t matter and are often incorrect. You’re telling the younger generation that it’s all about being fair, and treating each individual as an equal. You’re showing the masses that there are people out there that care about everyone, and that you are there to stand up for the melting pot that is America. I mean, at least that’s what your people are saying.