In NYC, These Salvation Army Posters Would Be Smashed Open in 3-2-1…

04.09.10 Copyranter


These Utopian bus posters were created and erected In Norway by Oslo agency Try. Copy translation (click images): “Thank you. One small coin can make a big difference.” Kinda clever right? You insert coins into a slot and they form either a bed or a roof under/over a homeless man. Your philanthropy is visualized for you. Norwegians must be an honest lot—it is, after all, home to the Nobel Peace Prize.


Unfortunately, much like with these Brazilian WWF animal coin posters and this pretty Million Penny Project bus poster, less-than altruistic Gothamists would take a hammer—or even bloody their bare hands—and smash and grab some coin to buy fast food, cheap fortified wine, and narcotics. Mostly the last two. |Images: IBIA|