On Christmas, I shot footage of what appeared to be an escaped patient from Woodhull Hospital in Bushwick and uploaded it to YouTube. Not so. Unaware of the video I posted, the following coincidental email arrived with a link to the finished product, solving the mystery:


My name is Matthew Silver. I performed in Bushwick, NY under the J-train as a doomsayer and filmed it. I made a movie about it. The Doomsayer becomes a positive person at the end of the film from an emotional Epiphany. The filming was done in the public without a permit. The peoples reactions are real, (fantasy meets reality). Its filmed at three of Bushwicks key transportation locations. Myrtle/Wyckoff, Myrtle/Broadway and Myrtle/Flushing. It’s a positive film, the message is “Love is Now”. I believe it will be very entertaining to put in your Culture section because of its local appeal. Please take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

I will be performing at these location on various days as the man in the film. Starting tomorrow at Myrtle/Broadway Tuesday Dec 28 1pm -4pm. If I’m consistent you will eventually here about me from outside sources. I will be holding a huge sign that says “LOVE IS NOW” and I will be bald.

Matthew Silver