PETAbearhelmet Right! This’ll give the terrorists pause. Britain’s Ministry of Defence announced today that the 2,500 elite guards’ traditional bear skin helmets will replaced by actual hollowed out black bear heads. MoD spokesman Chauncey Higginbottom said, “PETA’s been pestering us for years to use synthetic fur for the helmets. Instead, we’ve decided to just go ahead and switch to bloody bear heads.” “Bear in mind,” continued Higginbottom,” that the bear pelts will be used as throw rugs in Buckingham and St. James’s Palaces.” (sigh) Actually, this is the image from a PETA ad that will be running on the sides of 25 London buses with the line: “MoD: Go Fur-Free.” That blood is so fake looking, PETA. Get better retouchers, please? |Image via: London Evening Standard|