bloomie You’d think he is, after hearing the admitted weed smoker pontificate about how “marijuana” is a gateway drug and that’s why he’d never support taxing and regulating it like alcohol. Keep in mind, this is the same Mike Bloomberg who once famously said, “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it” when asked if he ever smoked herb. So when Bloomie says that “it may very well lead to greater use of drugs, which isn’t good” is he speaking from personal experience? Because so far, scientific evidence has proved to the contrary.

But maybe the mayor should consider a little toke, it might help him organize his thoughts thoughts better:

And while I’ve always thought that people have a right to, as long as they are not hurting anybody else to do what they want, I guess if I had to vote today, which I’m not asked to vote, I would vote against legalizing marijuana.