A new YouTube suggests that yes, New York City is in fact the “great city of lavish luxery (sic) and wickedness” God had in mind when he talked about the end times. For irrefutable evidence purposes, the video’s creators—an Ohio-based outfit d/b/a WEFworks—include photos of Shalimar perfume and that New York staple of life, Metrocards gold ingots.

Watch the video, which features chill pan-Asian restaurant muzak, and count how many examples of “Chaldean Pride” you spot:

Confusingly, the video also talks about Babylon being a “nation,” and flashes photos of Beverly Hills superstar mansions, Las Vegas, Lil Jon, and other non-New York things. Then it reverts back to answering its original question, showing pix of the Statue of Liberty and the NYC skyline. Thankfully, WEFworks links to a blog post by one “Peter Goodgame,” who clears up matters somewhat. “Biblical indicators,” he explains, “point unequivocally and obviously to America as the great power known as Mystery Babylon, and New York City as the specific city destined to fall in Revelation 18.”

According to the book of Revelations, Mystery Babylon was “the city of power,” respected by the “kings of the earth”; this, says Goodgame, was God’s way of referring to the United Nations. It was also represented by some sort of woman symbol. Writes Goodgame:

Richard Coombes makes a solid case that our Statue of Liberty is in fact a representation of the ancient Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Ishtar was next to Marduk at the top of the Babylonian pantheon of gods, and her cult promoted “the notion of personal freedom and liberty to pursue a wild hedonistic sexual lifestyle of immense promiscuity,” (Coombes). Basically her philosophy has been recreated here in America and is the same as the ’60s mantra of “if it feels good, do it!” Central to her cult was the practice of prostitution for religious purposes, thus the scripture of Revelation 17:5, “…The Mother of Prostitutes…”

That characterization doesn’t bode well for those thawing U.S.-French relations.

The biggest problem is that both God and the Antichrist are supposed to wreck the shit out of Mystery Babylon/NYC at some point. The destruction phase includes angels, trumpets, blood, and meteors. WEFworks’ advice? “Just get out of, and far enough away from that city to be safe while staying within the United States.” It’s probably smart to  move somewhere safer, like Ohio.