Flag_of_Kansas Last time we left off, New Jersey became the 14th state in the nation to allow for medical weed and now a potential 15th has stepped up to bat: Kansas. State representative Gail Finney (D-Wichita) introduced a bill that would give patients access to the herb without fear of prosecution, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to get any support from her colleague, Scott Schwab (R-Olathe).

He basically denounced the common sense measure, saying cannabis has “no benefit for pain management.” Obviously neither a medical professional, nor a good Googler, it’s amazing that Schwab would even try and make that claim in light of all the scientific evidence to the contrary. Then again he also snidely remarked that weed only makes people “crave another bag of chips.” Well, for some patients, that’s the point Dr. Schawb! |MPP|