Are one of those many folk I see walking on the streets of Manhattan who only drink evian, the high-end eau minérale naturelle of the stars? Good for you, because you are, according to the bullshit premise of the bottled water’s ad campaign, greatly retarding your aging process in comparison to those of us who simply and stupidly drink plain New York City tap water.

Yes, the “sources” in Évian-les-Bains where evian is bottled are in fact the fucking Fountain(s) of Youth that Spanish Explorer Juan Ponce de Léon failed to find in the New World. So keep drinking your trendy elixir, youthful person, and don’t worry about the millions of discarded plastic bottles, as I’m sure every single fucking one of them is 100% recycled. Oh, by the way, this stupid baby t-shirt print campaign was hatched by Paris agency BETC Euro RSCG, the people who also brought you the stupid (yes, cute) roller babies. The ads were shot by fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg, who says “real people” were used as opposed to models. How admirable. |Images: Creative Review|