New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, the paper’s resident sex-obsessed menopausal shrew, hates just about everything. Particularly, she hates people who have sex out of wedlock. Hell, she hates people having sex period. But there is one thing that she loves: Jay Leno.

Ever since the whole Conan/Leno/NBC fiasco broke out, Peyser has taken some shots at Conan. Today she basically told Conan fans to stop whining in the closing of her miserable column.

But putting the planets back in their proper alignment by returning Leno to 11:35 has bruised a lot of feelings, particularly those of rabid O’Brien fans. They view NBC’s sudden realization that the new lineup was the worst decision made since President Obama’s Hawaiian vacation as a form of treason. I say, calm down.

Your boy will be back on the air . . . somewhere.

In the meantime, learn to read. Take a walk. Or sleep. Only bartenders and bubble-headed heiresses should stay up past 11 on school nights.

Andrea Peyser is a Jay Leno fan. Is anyone really surprised?