Jay Leno’s Failure is Ultimately Conan O’Brien’s Failure

01.07.10 Cajun Boy

conan o'brien jay leno

Well you almost knew it had to end this way. NBC tried to kick Jay Leno to the curb, but he cried and whined until they gave him another show, in prime time, 5 days a week. And now that Leno’s 10pm show has proven to be a miserable failure, NBC is pulling the plug on it, except they’re not getting rid of Leno. Oh no, instead, they’re kicking Conan to the curb and giving Leno back the reigns of the Tonight Show at 11:30. Yeah. Another brilliant move by the geniuses who run NBC, though sadly Ben Silverman, the former boy douche king of the network, is no longer there to pin all the blame on. |TMZ|