Jeff-Koons-Rabbit-1986-with-Jeff-Koons-posing-at-the-Tate-Modern- Last year, the BMW Art Cars dipped into corny capitalist ploy territory, slanting away from its 1970s roots when Calder, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Rauschenberg created works of art and not fancy commercial fodder, and just now Jeff Koons has been selected to bastardize this year’s arty auto.

Having recently rediscovered himself as a car lover, Koons is “honored” and is probably cobbling together something irksome to both art critics and car enthusiasts, fit for Pimp My Ride: Circus-Circus, and very large with bunny-shaped airbags. And so, while the ghost of the US auto industry is wailing and wasting away, BMW President Jim O’Donnell is ready to gold-plate and stick some metal balloons all up in that elegant grill. Hardy-har-har, Germany.