Fist pump! ‘Jersey’ cast announces return_1265052623798

The cast of Jersey Shore all appeared together on the Today Show this morning to be interviewed by Meredith Viera, who looked at times as though she was looking directly into the face of the apocalypse, which she probably was when you really stop and think about it.

A few noteworthy things about the interview…

-They were only paid $200 an episode in the first season?! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

-Season two of Jersey Shore will not be set at the Jersey Shore. Hitler is predictably pissed about this.

-Ronnie was absent, probably because he ‘s in the gym juicing/beefing up for season two. Or he’s in jail. Either one.

-Snooki’s hair poof is gone. Long live the poof.

-J-Woww has “two bachelors and two businesses.” Who knew?!

-Sammi and Ronnie are OVER!!! Which probably means we will have to endure even more Sammi and Ronnie drama in season two. God help us all.

Anyway, here’s the interview…

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