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Have you heard? America’s sweetheart and Academy Award winning actress, Sandra Bullock, reportedly moved out of the home she shares with husband Jesse James after allegations of him having a raunchy 11 month affair with tattoo model and vixen, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee surfaced. As it turns out, the pair may have more in common than overly inked skin and alleged philandering, like‚Ķfurniture! Photographer Erik Voake shot some dramatic and NSFW photos of Mcgee modeling for Coffin Couches back in 2008. And guess who owns one of the designer couches? That’s right, Jesse James, begging the very important question: is this the same couch she claims they commenced their affair on?

We contacted Voake about the shoot and he said it was quite memorable, mainly because she stole his $6000 camera and other equipment after it was done. He eventually got most of his stuff back, but said it was then that he realized she was “pure evil.” Stay very tuned!

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Photos: Courtesy of Erik Voake