Bongs (illegal) Bird corpse, Indonesia (labeled as home decor; prohibited)
Polish date rape drugs by the gallon, Indian heroin, Pakistani steroids and Ukrainian lard, unidentified mammal corpses, plastic pitchers of salami and more drugs – that’s just some of the “Strange Cargo” in a batch of 1,075 photographed by Taryn Simon on her five day, five night stint at the John F. Kennedy airport.

After days of no sleep documenting contraband freshly confiscated from passengers and out of express mail, Taryn Simon says:

I think it’s a depressing reflection of what everyone is chasing — all these forms of escape that create quite a flat representation of human desire in all corners of the world.

True: If anyone actually attempts to treat their pensive penis with “USA American Visagra” from China and it drops off, they deserve it. Then again, I extend my sympathies to my Eastern European comrades and their lard, mystery meat and matryoshka nesting doll addictions.

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