Pitchfork gave Kanye West’s latest culture-product My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a perfect score, because doing so was bound to get people talking about them. But also maybe the record is good?

Haven’t heard it yet myself except for the assholes-douchebags song, but the critic-industrial complex is going nuts over this thing. Kids in Toronto say it’s an “an ornately orchestrated pop epic.” The Onion‘s AV Club calls it “gloriously alive.” What else:

  • It’s “an utterly dazzling portrait of a 21st-century schizoid man that is by turns sickeningly egocentric,
    contrite, wise, stupid and self-mocking.” —NME, 90 rating
  • It’s “a journey through West’s deepest thoughts, showcasing all the facets to his persona (from his
    bravado to his insecurities) over a pristine collection of all his signature sounds.” — Paste, 94
  • It’s “delirious hip-hop decadence.” — Slant, 100
  • It’s got the “grandeur of stadium rock, the all-devouring sonics of hip-hop, the erotic gloss of disco.” RollingStone, 100
  • It’s “new.” — Me, 4/4 question marks

Pitchfork hasn’t given a solid 10 to any record since 2002, according to this list. The last 10 went to Wilco, a band that is so fucking boring, please don’t even get me started. With that in mind, it’s probably best to ignore their review and all the others (except mine, which contains objective truth),  find a copy of the record somewhere and listen to it, then come up with your own review and follow that one. This is what the American Dream and being your own person are all about, anyhow.