Kidnapping Is The New Black

02.12.10 Copyranter


In honor of Fashion Week now underway here in NYC, here’s some stylish dark black humor for a boutique in Montreal. Because this week, everything takes a backseat to couture. Even felonies.

I’ve worked on a couple of New York retail fashion ad campaigns here, produced some fairly funny TV spots/print ads. But this commercial for the U&L boutique by a couple of freelancers is as good as retail advertising gets. It cuts through the clutter of local crappy smiling model clothing sales spots like the razor-sharp heel of stiletto. U&L is having a designer sale; try and forget that after watching the spot. Once. Ne repeat views necessary. Production budget: a measly few thousands bucks. I hate having nothing bad to say about it. The freelancers are a French art director and a Danish copywriter. Here’s their website. The rest of their work is underwhelming. But I hate them for producing this perfect spot. |Video: Scary Ideas|