Jeff Koons Needs Lots of Assistants Because He’s So Lonely

03.25.10 Marina Galperina


Best interview editing ever at Art:21. In voiceover, Jeff Koons blabs about moral responsibility and a liking for ready-made objects as his many assistants make his objects for him. “Some people think that my work is just about money,” whines one of the world’s wealthiest artists.

Meanwhile, the elves serenely dab, tape and chisel in a whirl about his workshop.

As the Koonsies lug giant lobsters, the artist croons that the best “art is impractical,” leaning off a well-elevated wooden stand. According to him, you can’t make more than one sculture or painting a year unless you got a herd of assistants, or as he refers to them, the “family.”

“I like to work with people because I don’t want to be in a room by myself,” he pleads. Because he can wipe his own inflatable crab. They’re just good company, is all.