Lagerfeld Should Steal These Themes For Fall Fashion Week

03.31.10 Copyranter

Have you ever been to a runway tent show? I’d rather watch nail polish dry. As the world continues to die violently, it’s high time we started seeing some shows modeled after Tom Sach’s Prada Death Camp. Fashion, like advertising, is all about appropriating other people’s ideas. So, designers, steal these exciting new runway themes from Amnesty International France.

Domestic violence is in vogue right now. And who wouldn’t want to see ice-cold bitch-stares wiped off of mannequins’ faces with some well-staged fake-beatings? Soundtrack: “Smack My Bitch Up.” For the police brutality show, I’d use female bodybuilder cops pounding on twee model boys in short-shorts carrying murses. The forced expulsions execution would be perfect for getting more minorities on the runways—a much-criticized issue with today’s culturally-deaf designers. Oh, and give to AI. Campaign by TBWA Paris. |Images: AOTW|