Here’s a travesty brought to light by The eXiled: Christopher Hitchens wrote an introduction to Ancient Gonzo Wisdom (a Hunter S. Thompson interview book) and shat on it.

Hitchens barely grazed Thompson’s presence and is the last person that should be speculating about his suicide. Yet, Hitchens was allowed to write that Thompson killed himself because of “the strain imposed on him by visitors who wanted him to be outrageous” – you know, for show! Surely, it had nothing to do with the fact that Hunter outlived his own life expectancy and didn’t feel like suffering through another Bush term or some other, less offensive theory.

And so, Hitchens the dummy demagogue (because taking the Bible 100% literally isn’t wise, whether you’re a Christian or a so-called atheist), uses the introduction to drone on how Hunter’s questioning of 9/11 is a signature of a “basement-dwelling paranoid.” Ramon Glazov calls it like it is:  “As Anita Thompson’s case demonstrates, widows aren’t necessarily sharp enough to notice leeches and tell them to get fucked.”