humboldt Humboldt County in California is home to a concentration of some of the world’s best weed growers. It has a storied history of cannabis cultivation and despite decades of raids, the feds have been unable to eradicate its influence, so it kind of makes sense that people there would hold an open meeting to explore the future of their economy.

Sensing that all out legalization is imminent, those involved with weed production gathered in an unprecedented discussion to bounce around preliminary ideas about how best to monetize the inevitable. The Times-Standard reports:

With representatives from the Humboldt Area Foundation, the College of the Redwoods, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor and the Humboldt Bay Harbor District, people broke up into about 10 tables, each labeled with a different group — business, government, nonprofits, the arts, medical health professionals, property owners and –of course — the growers. Each group filled out a survey talking about how they would be affected by marijuana legalization and how they can help.

So what good ideas did this mini-symposium generate? For starters: “branding, regulatory agencies and — weed tasting rooms.”